Our fully customized approach enables you to tailor make your own treatments. Depending on how you

feel, you can choose therapeutic massage to target trouble areas, relaxation massage to simply de-stress

and unwind – or even a combination of both. Alternatively, you can let our qualified team of Registered

Massage Therapists (RMTs) recommend a treatment specifically targeted to your body.



theraTherapeutic Massage

Choose therapeutic massage to alleviate pain and dysfunction associated with stress, muscular

summie elbow

overuse, chronic injuries and medical conditions. Your therapist will begin by making a detailed

assessment of your requirements before devising a unique treatment plan including self-care

tips. We use a range of techniques to target specific conditions, including:

•Deep tissue massage

•Lymphatic drainage

•Myofascial release – connective tissue work

•Trigger Point therapy



relaxRelaxation Massage

Ease away tension and soothe away stress with the long sweeping strokes of Swedish stylerelaxation

massage. Soft tissue manipulation through gentle kneading and squeezing offers restorative

calm and rejuvenation. You can select a full body relation massage or have our therapist focus

on specific body parts.



Pre- and Post-Natal Massage

Treatment is concentrated on easing postural discomfort and addressing symptoms that arefeet

specific to a pre- or post-natal body. Our therapists can target tight muscles, swelling in the

limbs, and stress relief. New mothers will also benefit from massage therapy as their bodies

recover from childbirth. We also offer breast massage for breastfeeding-related discomfort.



sport Sports Massage

Chronic injuries suffered from training and sporting events can be identified and treated,

whether they be strains, sprains, dislocations, or tendinitis. Athletes also can choose to

stimulate muscles pre-event, or ease tension and strain post-event with our specialist range of

sports massage.